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1)      Trading on a fee or contract basis

         activities of commission agents and all other wholesalers who trade on behalf and on the account of others 


  • activities of those involved in bringing sellers and buyers together or undertaking commercial transactions on behalf of a principal, including on the internet
  • activities of wholesale auctioneering houses 



2)      Computer Consultancy and computer facilities management activities


  • Planning and designing of computer systems that integrate computer hardware, soft-ware and communication technologies 
  • The units classified in this class may provide the hardware and software components of the system as part of their integrated services or these components may be provided by third parties or vendors. The units classified in this class often install the system and train and support the users of the system.
  • Provision of on-site management and operation of clients’ computer systems and/or data processing facilities, as well as related support services 



3)      Management consultancy activities


  • This activity includes the provision of advice, guidance and operational assistance to businesses and other organizations on management issues, such as strategic and organizational planning; decision areas that are financial in nature; marketing objectives and policies; human resource policies, practices and planning; production scheduling and control planning. 
  • This provision of business services may include advice, guidance or operational assistance to businesses and the public service regarding: 
             Public relations and communication 
             Design of accounting methods or procedures, cost accounting programs, budgetary control procedures 
             Advice and help to businesses and public services in planning, organization, efficiency and control, management information etc. 



4)      Publicity and Advertising


This activity includes the provision of a full range of advertising services (i.e. through in-house capabilities or subcontracting), including advice, creative services and production of advertising material, media planning and buying. 

This activity includes: 

Creation and realization of advertising campaigns: 
• creating and placing advertising in newspapers, periodicals, radio, television, the Internet and other media 
• creating and placing of outdoor advertising, e.g. billboards, panels, bulletins and frames, window dressing, showroom design, car and bus carding etc. 
• Media representation, i.e. sale of time and space for various media soliciting advertising 
• Aerial advertising 
• Distribution or delivery of advertising material or samples 
• Provision of advertising space on billboards etc. 
• Creation of stands and other display structures and sites 

Conducting marketing campaigns and other advertising services aimed at attracting and retaining customers: 

• Promotion of products 
• Point-of-sale marketing 
• Direct mail advertising 
• marketing consulting 

5)      Public Relations 

This activity Includes:

Building formation and gaining exposure to organizations or individuals and to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items, to improve the relations of the public with their institutions
It also includes providing services to support organizing and managing conferences such as the reception of participants, the organizations event. etc.